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  • HomeBrew DDS VFO built using AD9850 DDS module, Arduino processor, & Backlit LCD display all for about $25 bucks. Uses open source Arduino code & junkbox enclosure & small parts.
Mar 29, 2009 · 160 Meters and 75/80 Meters. 1880-1995 KHz on the 160 Meter Band. 3870-3890 KHz, and some newer 'expanded band' watering holes at 3675, 3705, 3725, and 3735 KHz on the 75/80 Meter Band

possible, the VFO needs to be relatively low frequency. Homebrew VFOs are usually in the range of 2 to 7 MHz. The disadvantage of a low frequency VFO is that its harmonics will appear as one or two loud whistles on some upper HF ham bands. Compared to the practical VFO range of 2 to 7 MHz, the HF spectrum is huge, 1.8 to 30 MHz.

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  • For my homebrew receivers, trx, i used to make the vfo and stabilized it with the tailore made/wizely choosed components. But, now a days the world has become digital with precise commercial equipments. Mechanical vfo dont stand a chance, even the 50hz shift is pointed out by others. In this the ultimate saviour for homebrewer is DDS VFO.
  • The N4YG DDS (Digital) VFO and the Drake TR-7, by Floyd Sense / K8AC. Installing the X-Lock-3 in the Drake TR-7, by: Pete Juliano / N6QW. Drake L-4B, Table Top Amplifier Redesign, by: Ron Baker / WB4HFN. Drake TR-7 Improvements - Installing X-Lock VFO Stablizer / KI4GIN. The Drake TR-6 and TR4 Series AM Filter Up Date, by: Jeff Covelli / WA8SAJ
  • Dear Atanu Dasgupta VU2ATN, It's always an immense pleasure hearing your QSO with your homebrew NR60 multiband HF Radio, which is in my Shack. It had had been homebrewed beautifully by you, many decades back, but still it's the best radio in my Shack in terms of Rx & Tx, VFO stability & many more.

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    The following documents what I've learned in adapting the IQPro DDS VFO for use as an external VFO for the Drake TR7 transceiver. The ultimate goal is to replace the TR7 internal PTO with the IQPro, but using the TR7's existing RV7 interface was an attractive first step since it required no modifications to the TR7 at all.

    Playing with DDS frecuency up and down searching for the stations, I found them but wooooooow, DDS frequency should be tuned to F*3 instead of F*4. The only test equipment I have is a frequency counter so I did the following test. I tuned DDS at 4000 kHz and place the counter at one of two 74HC74 outputs. Fine, frequency was 4000/4=1000 kHz.

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    In one of my earlier videos I described making cheap Arduino DDS VFO with AD9850 module. DDS Vfo.

    The I/Q DDS is a complete AD9851 DDS, Micro controller, and basic software to produce a simple I/Q DDS signal generator, that can also be used as a VFO for a simple SDR I/Q Radio project. The I/Q DDS is suitable for the very popular Softrock and is easily connected to the I/Q inputs on the FST3253 switching mixer.

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    Homebrew Apps. However, there are new DDS kit vfo's out there that have much better specs. The original idea was to build the Pic-n-Mix DDS VFO by In fact everything you could want for an HF controller.

    The 20M rig has been updated using a DDS for the VFO (kit from N3ZI with homebrew buffer amp) and have added a PC/Sound Card interface so I can use FT8, MSK, etc. Here are pictures of the front after adding the DDS, a picture of the DDS, and the PC interface that I installed. The red bezel covers the larger hole used for the old display.

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    DDS VFO 2. The DDS VFO 2 is designed as a companion VFO for the MST3 transceiver, although it may be used with many other rigs. This is a full kit containing all on-board parts including blue backlit...

    DDS-VFO 1-40Mhz, spesifikasi : - AD9850 + 100Mhz clock. - Frekwensi 1-40Mhz - RF signal output 10mW (sesuai untuk diode mixer level 7) - menggunakan MMIC MAR-8 atau MAV-11SM.

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    Various homebrew QRP rigs. 2N2/40 Homebrew 40 meter QRP transceiver using twenty-two 2N2222s! ATS-3 QRP rig designed by Steve Weber. It fits in an Altoids case, has four band modules, DDS synthesizer, keyer, and other advanced features. I've had a little fun modifying the crystal filter to my liking.

    Build a PIC controlled DDS VFO, 0 to 6 MHz. Click a picture to zoom. The zip archive contains a single file, VFO.EXE. It is a DOS program but it runs fine in a Windows 95/98 "DOS bubble" as well...

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    Another possible solution that recently caught my eye is the Arduino/AD9850 DDS combination that may allow one to build a VFO radio for less than $30. That sounds pretty cool. I’ll have to do some more research on this to see if it’s what I think it is. I’m not really sure what this would be capable of.

    Jan 13, 2016 · Got myself a $10 frequency counter on Amazon as talked about above. Covers 100hz to 65MHz, runs on ~9VDC and has precision down to 10hz. Connected to the VFO project you can see it is stable right to 10hz! Breadboard currently has a class A RF amplifier taking the 10mw signal from the 3 transistor VFO (top of image) to 135mw.

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    Nov 26, 2019 · Until the VFO had “warmed up” and stabilized, there were a couple of CW stations that sounded like slide whistles LOL!. The DDS option is definitely an improvement. Still , I think that perhaps all the BITX40 ever really needed to be a better radio (in it’s class), was a stable analog VFO. One last thing, and this is just my “2 cents”…

    I think it has been done on an individual basis. I have seen TS-520’s with digital VFO’s and even homebrew tube transceivers with DDS. But a single Universal DDS VFO for use with boat anchors is a decent perhaps original idea. Though, like AB9LZ says, the concept is not new. I just don’t see serious BA owners modifying valuable rigs this way. The joy of vintage radio (or current homebrew) is in part the clunky analog LC VFO’s.

DDS VFO transceiver pdf manual download. ENERAL The DDS VFO is a built on a high quality fiberglass PCB. The PCB is doubled sided with tracks on both sides along with a ground plane.
May 11, 2018 · This DDS generator solution is only useful for generating clocks suitable for digital circuits! To have a “good” VFO or generator useful for laboratory use, it is ESSENTIAL to add a series of low pass filters (better still if they are band pass filters) that eliminate the unwanted odd harmonic frequencies of the square wave present in the output.
Nov 20, 2019 - Transceiver designed by M0NKA (, built by LY3IO. Receiver already working, some tuning needed on TX part.
I've simply combined two recent projects, my DDS VFO and the 80m QRP AM transmitter now boxed up. The crystal is still in place but if you plug in the external VFO it swamps it. A nice chunky DPDT switch switches both DC and the antenna. The box for the AM transmitter is made from a dead PC power supply.